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Blade and Soul female player sexy fashion collection (1)

03/10/2013 PM

  There are dazzling fashion in Blade and Soul, fashion is accused of player’s heaven!

  Each race, each gender, will have a different appearance, but sexy girls are the same theme in Blade and Soul, today collect all the Blade and Soul sexy fashion.

  Normal fashion: the scorpion

  Clothing introduction: wild sexy, very awesome.

  Access methods: brush scorpions, using ghost flame scorpion essence exchange, the east of big desert - soil hangers-on radial.

  Availability: quite difficult

  Normal fashion: king kong

  Clothing introduction: the clothing a total of three parts, king kong, clothing, hats and wings.

  Access methods: big desert, hot sand belt, waning moon site, slew strong wild BOSS “king kong force master”, attaining the essence of its, in the waning moon lake with his wheel, have the opportunity to can be obtained.

  Availability: quite difficult

  Terran ethnic woman fashion: birds

  Clothing introduction: the white bird exclusive fashion, fashion is a terran and not common.

  Access methods: clothing merchants Tan Xiaoyan, offering dargon forest- green village, 100 gold.

  Availability: money is ok

  Normal fashion: valentine’s underwear

  Clothing introduction: the r-rated underwear! Fishnet stockings blasting milk what wings of black silk.

  Access methods: mall.

  Availability: money is ok

  Dragon female fashion race: black

  Clothing introduction: black army female fashion is exclusive of the dragon sword spirit female fashion, dragon women the incisively and vividly reflect the mature charm.

  Access methods: clothing merchants Gong Naren, big - crossing the desert inn, 100 gold.

  Availability: money is ok

  Female race day fashion: jet

  Clothing is introduction: jet sister exclusive fashion, fashion is day is nifty and sexy.

  Access methods: Businessman BaiLan, watermoon plain - the sun tree village, 100 gold.

  Availability: money is ok

  Normal fashion: underwear

  Clothing introduction: don’t explain.

  Access methods: basic clothing.

  Availability: free

  Normal fashion: black dust winds

  Clothing introduction: sexy and do not break vogue, seemingly harmonious, the clothes have not been with fashion as desert storm!

  Access methods: immortal leader task can be obtained.

  Availability: simple

  Ifi you want to get some blade & soul gold to buy all these fashions, only a simple click on blade & soul gold, all your problem will be solved.

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