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Blade and Soul female player sexy fashion collection (2)

03/10/2013 PM

  There are dazzling fashion in Blade and Soul, fashion is accused of player’s heaven!

  Each race, each gender, will have a different appearance, but sexy girls are the same theme in Blade and Soul, today collect all the Blade and Soul sexy fashion.

  Normal fashion: hermit

  Clothing introduction: pure and fresh quietly elegant, connect body is tight.

  Access methods: exchange dealer by day, big desert, skewed, desert the little hero card 50.

  Availability: simple

  Normal fashion: evidence of a chance

  Clothing introduction: simple and sexy, like day women robe.

  Access methods: complete the chapter 1 verse 17, eight quests recorded in the test.

  Availability: simple

  Normal fashion: at the beginning of the wulin

  Clothing introduction: at the beginning of the wulin 2 sets, a set of a set of yellow, white the most sexy for its yellow dragon sister.

  Access methods: white for the first act of the back of the main tasks. Yellow to kill hidden plain - ghost city - spider caves - a copy of the BOSS to get, not must be dropped.

  Availability: white simple, yellow is more difficult

  Normal fashion: unlimited challenges

  Clothing introduction: infinite challenge 2 sets, a set of red, black, what to watch for at the time of dragon sister wore, you know.

  Access methods: fisherman’s family nest battlefield, fights the war card 100 exchange, core appreciation at the end of a main task, there are red and black two colors to choose from.

  Availability: quite difficult

  Normal fashion: white/red and ghosts

  Clothing introduction: the white ghost too enchanting, red devils fierce did a bullish on leopard grain! Side looks so sexy.

  Access methods: white ghost needs reliably seal 20, in a giant YanGu put on zhong pavilion reliably regiment regiment uniforms struck several NPCS can appear day after wind, kill him by 1-2 seal, after the people who take part in the strike can get stamp. Red devils need loyal cabinet seals 20, in a giant YanGu reliably of wear uniforms struck several zhong pavilion group NPC humanoid strange after printing will appear.

  Availability: quite difficult

  PVP fashion: intermediate believers

  Clothing introduction: zombie spirits pervaded the air clothes, domineering in sexy.

  Access methods: specialized shops and branches guidance, wulin 20 au seal. Fierce sand belt struck in wulin au will be shown after the NPC elite NPCS, struck by 1-2 after fierce sand belt of wulin “seals”.

  Availability: quite difficult

  Normal fashion: all souls

  Clothing is introduction: zombie spirits pervaded the air clothes, domineering in sexy.

  Access methods: tomb in Turin, shui yue plain ghost monster using the essence of soul demon, random access soul demon clothing box. Open the box for all souls.The essence of soul demon soul demon BOSS is obtained.

  Availability: quite difficult

  Ifi you want to get some blade & soul gold to buy all these fashions, only a simple click on blade & soul gold, all your problem will be solved.

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