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Boxer how to play the first stage of the asura tower

03/11/2013 AM

  I’m a boxer, just full level, 24 level the Westlands always couldn’t open the good weapons, operation skills relatively confident to myself, so I want to go directly to Cheng and get its weapon.

  Familiar with Cheng’s process routine is really more difficult.

  After one afternoon in the struggle, and finally fully understand all the routines of the Cheng, idiopathic this post, give the novice some help.

  Cheng’s process moves can be divided into three stages:

  This passage is mainly about the first stage.

  1. Stage 1 is common foco energia cut, this trick is just the same as the field small swordsman monsters put resort, it is easy to block off.

  2. He will suddenly wound up behind you, this time you need to pay attention to, he will have a ready to sweep, be sure to block off, otherwise will be fall on the ground and then a hacked.

  3. When the dizziness after he no uniform or up to heaven, he will immediately after the stun even cut a few knives, and there is a big probability to be frozen. You need to calculate the good time to block or dodge.

  4. He will suddenly back, and then a cry “tiger claw...” (specific shout what forget). Shouted at the end, according to the block or left elbow, 100% block off he should put joint attack, so it is also very easy.

  Phase 1 only so few moves, you can block off entirely, is easy to enter the second stage (best within 30 seconds into the second phase, otherwise the time too late).

  This is only a way for you to beat the Cheng to get the weapon, if you want to buy the items or equipments, you can also directly refer to Blade soul gold for help. We have the cheapest Blade soul gold and the fast delivery speed.

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