2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Boxer how to play the second stage of the asura tower

03/11/2013 PM

  1. Enter the second stage of the performance for he will raise my hand, then shout something (specific content also forgot), that means that in the second stage, then the earth will be frozen. At the same time, he will begin to draw out a sword.

  At first there are a lot of newbie here are being killed, here’s a trick. As soon as his hands carried out, and leg to the ground, and uniforms, don’t rush spluttered pa this time, to seize the ice on the ground. Applauded when the was exploding, clap then ss and let the ice after the explosion in ss and ss just 1 second of all time, so you will not be to the ice. If hold bad spluttered pa earlier, then SS higher dragon fist, let oneself 3 even when the ground ice blast in heaven, also fry less than yourself.

  2. The second phase of draw out a sword pose specific release order: positive 2 knives (basic block,can not work for the second sword is too fast, but it doesn’t matter), then teleport to 1 knife behind. It can block.

  3. When after one knife put behind! Please note that here the content of the enter key!

  Cheng will set up and a poss - hat hat if you call him, while he will flash up behind you, and then put a bump shoulders - 1 flash. Once was hit dizzy it will be in 1 flash. Probably around 7000 of blood. It is painful for newcomers. In fact, newcomers can be not that worry, you can just buy blade soul gold and do not have to worry about this any more. So, here’s way is very simple, routine in Cheng helped hat don’t beat him, and can be uniform or 3 even play dizzy.

  Here I choose 3 even playing then on day, god again after 3 under don’t press down here! Right, don’t press down, will fall to the ground, together with BOSS when you are standing, BOSS is fall on the ground, and then a critical blow he Q or E. This time he put into the shoulder, can hide away. Then see BOSS back from shoulder bump directly after block, flash is 1 block away.

  Very easy, after 1 flash, he would have a large storage of lightning chop, it walk can hide away, but hide not to drop the blood of 13000 directly. Lightning cut time of about 4 seconds, is a good chance the DPS. The second stage of the sword out, hat, lightning will release cycle, until you hit the third stage. Middle is likely to set an ultimate big explosion - + 4 even the gas.

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