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Boxer how to play the third stage of the asura tower

03/11/2013 PM

  Hit about 120000 blood the boss will enter the third stage, the performance still raise hand to shout something.

  Third phase and the second phase sequence is essentially the same, the only difference is the time to draw his sword is no longer a positive 2 behind 1 knife, but changed to positive 3 knives, back and front 1 knife, then hand hat. It also can block.

  But often the third stage he will release his ultimate ZXC - explosive gas + 4 even beheaded. As familiar with the escape bump shoulders after lightning +1 flash + lightning cut, the second difficulty is the ultimate big move.

  The ultimate big recruit: the ultimate big recruit process release at all. Cheng become red, and then began to propaganda means amplification methods.

  This time if the reaction is fast, run you can hide explosive gas, if the response is slow, SS, Q, E, can hide.

  But after blasting, the 4 joint is the most careful, if you are connected to, directly die, and then a set of, basically I 16800 blood directly even die. There are many kinds of the solution, here will not talk about in detail.

  The ultimate big cheng recruit in fighting the tramp release, even if it is a start, he as long as the mood is good, he will put a big move first (I have seen several times). When the third stage of the routine circulation 2-3 times, if he was not dead, he would be furious. Blade & soul gold pinch stopwatch, cheng turbulent time is not for 5 minutes, but the 4 minute 30 seconds! Rage for infinite put a trick, that is, forever invincible. Other basically have no difficulty.

  Hurry to collect some more blade & soul gold to prepare for the opening of the game.

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