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Single brush water frog palace rich treasure method

03/13/2013 AM

  Due to in the early stage of the game if you want to buy fashion, want to buy gems will be cash-strapped, have no money, how to do?

  I want to tell you, this time let’s walk for the water frog palace.

  The water frog palace is at the half moon lake of water moon plain.

  There is only one big boss in this copy, the general bone.

  Kill he will drop a random weapon box. Open the box you will get a weapon. Break down he will be out of a material, known as bone of the eye.

  Because this gem material, is needed when making potions, synthesis card to make trigrams, so at the early stage of the game is worth, plus the sea snake graduation player 1 person a copy of the customs clearance as long as about 8 minutes hundreds of Blade soul gold is really very easy.

  If you still think this is not a good way for you to get gold, you can directly buy some Blade soul gold at the gold page.

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