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Top 20 details the assassin and spirit swordsman world is coming

03/13/2013 PM

  Blade and Soul ratio force field in the third season officially kicked off last week, and at last week’s maintenance, the duration 1v1 and 3v3 matches the rank score is calculated separately, so the ranking report start from this week will be in accordance with the 1v1, 3v3 separate reports.

  Information on March 12, 1 v1 ranking singles tournament is first Blade and Soul field battle top 20 rankings for details.

  Assassin ranked first, the total number is 9 people.

  Spirit swordsmen occupies total number of eight people, and in the second and third place .

  Summoners 2 people, ranking the relative behind.

  One kungfu master ranking relatively behind.

  Look from the top, the assassin and spirit swordsmen this heads-up strong professional spirit, basic the top 20, other professions is difficult to on the list.

  Last week the boxer and force master, are being trapped in this season, didn’t see one. Swordsmen are the properties of the tournament field is too weak, of course, is don’t need much of the situation.

  From the skills, there are all kinds of control combo and stealth assassin, not easy to be broken. Spirit swordsmen abnormal invincible and heal, and will move under the control of a large of skills, but now removed has been harmonious, can be used to escape when caught. Summoners dandelion stealth and wasps, cooperate with ruby is very abnormal condition. Force master, although the high control, but the output environment is difficult, plus monthly bleeding is harmonious, indestructible and duration time is adjusted for 5 minutes, want to die grinding each other also need time. Kungfu master of frozen after the output is very terror, with whom, would master of ice is very sharp, offense is the best defense can very well reflect on proponents. Boxer, although there are all kinds of evasion skills, but damage the lack of skills is its shortcomings, the defense of the epidemic has low crit boxer internal force is difficult to maintain. Swordsman, high skills CD injury time is too long, too little control skills, and the boxer similar is the case, when a seckill swordsmen defense PK opponent, basic it is difficult to win.

  As it’s adjusted all the time, and the players all are devoted to this, so it really need some hard work to be in the top 20, if you want to be in the top 20, the first thing is that you shouldn't hesitate to use money for some blade & soul gold.

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