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The first team competition analysis in Blade and Soul

03/13/2013 PM

  This passage is mainly about 3v3 team competition.

  Team competition balance some slightly, but the basic was dominated by PK the dominant career now.

  In the top 20, boxer ranking first, in total 4 people.

  Spirit swordsman ranking second, in total 6 people.

  The third is the assassin, the total number is 1.

  Summoners the highest is fifth, in total 3 people.

  The force master, its highest ranked is 10th, in total 3 people.

  Kungfu master and swordsman hadn’t been seen or heard.

  Swordsmen from team doubles and singles, spirit swordsman is the most sharp, and flatten assassins in a team game, is perhaps the assassin great likes to pick on. In addition, boxer, force master, summoners did well in a team, while the kungfu master and swordsmen downturn continues. Swordsman whether alone or team, performance is poor, it is hard to not trust is a professional problem, of course also can truly play the great god of all disdain for such a name?

  From equipment, duration field current popular defense flow, all equipment were similar. In addition, in particular is artifact legend weapons, in the duration field the influence is very big, the legend of arms BUFF effect very fate, so want to play games lasting rankings, technology + professional + equipment advantages are short of one cannot.

  Have you got the legend weapon? If not hurry to buy one from Blade and Soul gold, otherwise you will fall too behind from others.

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