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Blade and Soul white valentine day activities

03/14/2013 AM

  In each village increased the convertibility white valentine’s day item’s love of cooking teacher “brown sugar” NPC.

  Use the available “the fragrance of love” and “sweet powder” “bitter powder” for the celebration supplies “small firecracker” “fireworks of love” “the secret of love medicine” and other items.

  Items can be offered.

  Aroma box of love:10 love the aroma

  Love boxes: powder, sweet bitter powder, small fireworks, hexagonal hole fragments, hexagonal unsealed

  Love support article: powder, sweet bitter powder, small fireworks, smelting ore, advanced smelting ore, the dark stone, senior black magic stone, nai leave the silver/gold, silver/gold seal of nai leave countries.

  Regional destroy all monsters can get a chance of “the fragrance of love” .

  “The fragrance of love” can not decomposition or trading.

  Eliminate copy BOSS, can be a chance for “sweet powder” or “bitter powder”.

  Copy which can obtain the “sweet/bitter powder”

  Offering Long Lin: zhong ge team group in the south China sea fleet

  Desert: howl temple, bird day cave, the tomb of sacrifice

  Water moon plain: 4 big copy, sea base (including 6 people, the storm except sea base)

  Blade and Soul mall today to update the two sets of new clothes, a set of available for existing lolita dress to all races, two male role is a set of new suit.

  If you want to get this, you can buy blade soul gold to exchange for it, other items or information, you can also find help here. We are waiting for you!

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