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Boxer PVP combat with assassin 20 tips

03/14/2013 PM

  1. When the assassin is right away, do not optional cast boxing dance or melee give assassins chance to double trigger the opportunity.

  2. Any floating empty after the attack, the assassin don’t landing for normal attack. Because you have avatars can use assassin to the ground. Boxer can hold directly, or with long legs, landslides and other vertigo is output directly.

  3. As long as it can hold at any time, can stable to output the assassin.

  4. Close the assassin after watch assassin double release, and break the class (3 even play the most effective, and affordable) to control.

  5. Don’t panic in the TAB, the TAB must be in confirmed back to use.

  6. Close the assassin after QE add invincible time prevent assassin SS flash hit us.

  7. By the assassin floated before landing note F backflip, got up and have SS look at the situation.

  8. Disappear any stealth assassin, immediately with SS. Demand response fast enough.

  9. Reasonable use corner poses a great limit to the assassin.

  10. When you are controlled by the silver yarn on remote, in fierce backflip can solve any subsequent F.

  11. After SS whether frozen assassin, don’t immediately use F l dragon boxing, but close to the assassin after he put double crack.

  12. With a time bomb note 7 seconds with QE, ss invincible to hide. Pay attention to the first block if dart is triggered.

  13. Need to consciousness that the assassin double CD is 8 seconds, you must to know about when will the double.

  14. Block the assassin mindless darts to be reflected back darts with double, pay attention to deal with.

  15. Stealth assassin after observation station, the first reaction turned 180 degrees lens block again. Easy to block certain assassin excited backstab.

  16. The opening can be give up rushed to hand the unintelligent corner directly.

  17. When both sides close do not use block, because a assassin has skills can be broken on the grid. Similar to 3 even kick.

  18. But more dependent on the corner, disturbing.

  19. The stars hands than empty splitting (on) to use.

  20. Adjust state of mind, the polish eyes, see the assassin don’t feel trouble. Don’t eat a flash bang otherwise you will be panic.

  Anyway, if you have the top equipment and good operation, any enemy you do not have to be afraid. If you need some Blade and Soul gold to buy the top weapon, please click to the gold page or directly to the item page to find the weapon you need.

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