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Release content perspective the south heaven coins

03/15/2013 AM

  In the growth process, each region of the hero card can be used to to exchange for the blue quality equipment, although less heroic purple outfit, but lower for difficulty and relatively good attributes, sufficient to meet the needs of most of the players to upgrade.

  But at the end of the level, the hero card equipment attribute has couldn’t keep up with rhythm, no a good channel can steadily for players to improve their equipment to challenge the heroic.

  At the same time, some of the weapons is pure waste decomposition or sold to businessman, not a very good way of recycling, in order to solve these problems, south heaven coin arises at the historic moment.

  How to access

  1. By decomposing weapons, gossip, act the role ofing is tasted.

  Decompose the desert plain and hidden hero card equipment or advanced copy of the equipment will have a chance to gain money, equipment quality, the better, for the higher risk of silver, and gold only by breaking down a specific level 45 purple outfit.

  2. Through daily tasks

  The desert and hidden plain daily quests will have a chance to the iron coin or coins.

  3. Some monsters or boss directly drop

  Desert plain and hidden any monsters have a lower probability of direct drop coins, and the storm sea snakes supply base and asura tower drop probability is higher.

  How to exchange

  Iron, silver and gold coins to be able to in the sea tree village 1 layer for corresponding quality equipment.

  Change gear also can be broken down, and get a higher level of coins.

  Of course, you can directly the coins form Blade soul gold without any hard work.

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