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Swordsman posture detail analysis in Blade and Soul (1)

03/15/2013 PM

  The posture of the swordsman can be divided into three completely different attitude, is what swordsman differs from all other professionals, although the kungfu master there is a gesture, but is to swim in front of the swordsman.

  Of course, the spirit swordsman also have not completely draw out a sword, but only the surface of swordsman.

  NC for the definition of spirit swordsman sword out attitude didn’t do too much, this is an imperfect place of spirit swordsman, or the so called shortcomings. All gestures can use a skill, is called a block, but the skill will be automatically converted to fencing stance.

  1. Fencing (ordinary) stance: counter attack E, block, internal force of 0 automatic conversion, use, under the section cut imperial sword posture. Fencing stance features can make melee block, and has the ability to charge (dash). Also have certain ability to output (thrust). Overall to the fencing stance is tend to defense (T) ability and a certain output, control (mainstream control skills under the fencing stance can use) and combat ability.

  2. Sword posture, gesture transformation: the imperial sword away

  Imperial sword posture is truly a remote position, can also count as a auxiliary type (within the position control and back). This attitude can bring to the team far attack protection ability, and can add a small amount of output when clearance. Under the imperial sword there are six swords, namely six internal forces. When you finished all the consumption automatically converted to ordinary posture. Even imperial sword to cut lead to zero internal force will also transform, sword under a common stance when I come back just restore normal internal force.

  Note: under this stance may not use any displacement skills (inverse incoming QE, avoid SS), and pay attention to the attitude of CD, 45 seconds at a time, at the beginning of the imperial sword scattered time to cool.

  Even in the pvp mode, the swordsman is not that powerful, but swordsman is still liked by many players, so the swordsman, what are you waiting for, buy some Blade and Soul gold to strength your weapons and then keep fighting.

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