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Swordsman posture detail analysis in Blade and Soul (2)

03/15/2013 PM

  In the former passage, we have mention that there are three postures in total, here mainly about the third posture. If you do not remember the first two, you can refer to Swordsman posture detail analysis in Blade and Soul (1).

  Draw out a sword stance: inverse hit Q, chopped lightning, lightning pestle, imperial sword recycling, full moon cut, escape the ss.

  Draw out a sword posture is truly an output profile, characterized by high crit avoidance, can use all long proud used with and without CD counter attack E.

  But unable to use under the section cut, that is why sometimes with swordsmen to an emergency down is difficult, swordsmen usually said: I was draw out a sword!

  Under the sword out of gesture will increase 5% 5% critical strike chance and critical strike damage and 20% of withdrawal rate and increases your movement speed, and it can reduce the random block chance (no longer become 0% after update, my own number was reduced by 15%).

  But there are two problem need to note is, the first is the general attitude transformation using skills enjoy draw out a sword, sword out stance of crit bonus, such as: ordinary posture under lightning cut and full cut.

  The second is the last to run out when you draw out a sword posture under internal force when (after using the skills not the internal forces automatically converted to fencing stance), for example with a internal force with a lightning chop, draw out a sword.With two internal force to use proud to cut, the weaknesses, the attack, the full moon, will not enjoy the sword out of spell crit and detonation.

  If the above situation about the first and the second match at the same time (for example, in the remaining 1 internal force under the general attitude of using lightning cut, etc.), will follow the second don’t enjoy draw out a sword crit bonus to deal with.

  In my heart, swordsman is also very cool, if I’m not so busy, I will play this career, and buy some Blade and Soul gold to exchange for some cool weapons and items.

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