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Super cute clay to eldar Blade and soul clay art appreciation

03/16/2013 AM

  Recently, Blade and soul original club shows the latest works in recent two months, the eldar loli and BOSS Westlands pottery hand do attract attention. Eldar loli, pure and elegant, Westlands is an elegant image, extremely cute and stirring. Both craft and expressive, the hand has been close to professional standards, reveals Blade and soul aesthetic style.

  To the eldar loli is famous for its lovely, the show of hands do not only for its characteristics of pure, more add a sense of elegant atmosphere, highlight the characteristics. Clearing stirring eyes, cabinet and delicate nose provoking fondly, and leaf type top and a grass skirt dress collocation to charming manners to lori, added a few minutes the noble taste. Do hand carved, line is clear, the eldar loli is quite lifelike.

  Westlands hand to do is to let a person shine at the moment. In the game Westlands armed with artillery, show elegant temperament. While the original club launched Westlands are eye-catching in the image of cute stirring. Iconic black and white horse hair, red and black eye mask with compact size and pure eyes show a different style. Westlands seems to change image of queen, incarnation cute loli. Original club, a bright bold innovation, the breakthrough tradition also bring new vitality to Blade and soul.

  Blade soul gold must say that all these is really lovely and if it sells, I will buy one for collection. What about you? Are attracted by these lovely things. If you want to buy Blade soul gold, remember us, we have the lowest price and fast delivery.

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