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When is Blade and Soul going to come out

03/16/2013 PM

  Recently, many player complain about the time when Blade and Soul is going to come out. Indeed, we have been keep waiting for such a long time.

  I’ve been waiting almost 2 years for this game to come out. I’m not much of a hardcore player, but I really want to play this game even if I suck at it. Please I’m begging you don’t let me wait any longer. Everyday I wake up, I look at the Blade and Soul page. Still, no updates, no download link. I wish you’d come out already.

  I believe I should get to be in the closed beta, considering how long I have waited. I have been game hopping, so I could be better at games. I bet a lot of people that has waited for this game to come out, has waited far too long. I think that us, the people, that waited since the game was very first introduced should be allowed to be the first people to play this game. It is utterly insulting if I don’t get picked for closed beta(unless everyone is invited).

  However, since we have wait for such a long time, we should believe in the official, when the game is still not on, we can read more news and strategy about and buy some blade & soul gold in advance, so when the game comes out, we have enough gold to buy the top equipments.

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