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Recommend of mainstream weapons and trigrams

03/16/2013 PM

  Weapons vice attributes: 26% crit damage 13% critical strike chance > > back to XX internal force this don't need to explain, only harry level swordsman weapons would be keen to return.

  (1) the novice recommendation: color in (small) gourmet gossip a shark + color bay weapon + shark jewelry

  (2) single in ten thousand: asura gourmet trigram + asura weapon 283 + maze of ice storage of jewelry

  (3) fixed: maze (small) gourmet trigram 283 + asura maze of ice storage of jewelry

  (4) level transition: asura worship (small) 12345 trigram gourmet maze (small) gourmet 678 trigram+ 283 weapons

  (5) level PVE trigram: asura worship maze acura 12357 + 283 + 468 + asura maze of ice storage jewelry (small valued here must be the best, no words, if not the best that I use 12345 + 678 (4) trigram)

  Asura 283 just a symbolic weapons, including all the labyrinth of weapons, small property is completed and crit and asura 283 graduation weapons and overcome the anger of god series of weapons.

  If use is a magic weapon, if you collocation is above (4) (5) gossip, ok (4) of the 3 arms gossip in vice attribute to avoid god; (5) type 3 of the 7 vice attribute to avoid gossip, can increase the rate of 2% of avoidance.

  If you are in need of any weapon, trigram or other items you can refer to Blade and Soul gold.

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