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Skills boxer must point in Blade and Soul

03/17/2013 AM

  Boxer in Blade and Soul is generally the main tank professional, so my order is basically the talent to brush copy.

  Here I only say a few boxer brush figure will point skills and its functions.

  1. Door in 31 points (4th row the second skills, points out the talents for the above points in the door) this ability is the cramps, can be unlimited use and automatic counterattack miracle!(single brush can lead the monster to corner, has been used in door, basic not to drop blood)

  2. Frost scream, blow is ice players get hurt in 3 seconds after using immune frozen for 3 seconds! (brush red-violet the risk, and the BOSS will be in the late point skills)

  3. Ice tiger meteor highlighted invincible effect is ok, can be immune to a lot of damage!

  4. Row against the wind back to BOSS use SS can be frozen and BOSS let BOSS staring blankly for a few seconds.

  5. Strengthen skills in the use of QE to avoid QE ghost step 1 seconds after all. (equal to 2-3 seconds invincible, plus ice tiger meteor 2 seconds, invincible, and characteristics of the SS headwinds after bank, SS hurt ice tiger shooting skills and cooling to empty is 2 seconds, a total of 8 seconds an unbeatable)

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