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Blade and Soul charging mode which do you prefer

03/17/2013 PM

  Blade and Soul now what kind of charge mode will it take has attract the attention of most players, after all, some people are willing to time charge, some others are willing to prop charge.

  Then charge mode is what kind in Blade and Soul, now in many BBS players have put forward their views and insights.

  One of the players said.

  First of all, I think impossible (time) to time charge, this will limit the player’s online rate and occupancy rate.

  Second, if the time charging, it can reduce the activity of the game, at the same time late also takes energy to develop all sorts of activities, let the player more online, so he didn’t have money to earn. I estimate there will be a mall, so that more simple.Time no charge, will attract more and more players.

  There will be players to recommend friends or something. Only needs to be developed timely fashion, pets, mounts, name card, gift for washing. Such not only reduced the development background, also more wide players will give him greater awareness and interest.

  While another player puts forward different opinions:

  Prop fee is not the player but the locusts, prop fee of the game is not balanced, more people quality is poor, open hanging something becomes popular, and your so-called time of fee for game development for a long time, this is bullshit, a game of life is determined by its itself the quality and the agent. World of warcraft experience for so long remained firm, according to Blade and Soul should be the time to charge. Actually for warcraft is charging time and till now still strong reason is quite enough.

  The connotation of this game has attracted a lot of players, and the game is from warcraft adaptation, itself has so many users group, and from the operational, antagonism, can be said to be on the market at present the most equilibrium of a game.

  And South Korea game although in recent years have been pay attention to the connotation, but because of cultural differences, leading to the attractiveness of shortage, if use time charge, the truth might because of the level of the player with nothing to do, and waste point card and leave. So will consider from these points, the possibility of Blade and Soul props charges are considerable.

  No matter which charge mode, you prepare some Blade and Soul gold in advance is wise. With the gold you can buy the equipments and items you want.

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