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Blade and Soul assassin avatars analysis

03/17/2013 PM

  There are five key points:

  (1) CD is 8 seconds.

  (2) the response time of 1.5 seconds (1.5 seconds in this period of time, is under attack, except PVP in the break against the attack, moved to behind the attacker, and stealth 6 seconds).

  (3)the internal force recovery stealth successful recovery 4 internal force.

  (4) the release time instant and can be moved to release.

  (5) the effective range in their own as the center, 360 degrees.

  (this setting sincerely IMBA programme, even if you are facing each other cast stand-in, be attacked back so successful.)

  Update on February 6th, strengthened the avatars, into, after learning double tree cast double consume no internal force. This strengthening made the assassin PVP is more flexible. Avatars operation are generally talent improved two layers. Avatars points, I’ve say very detailed in the above.

  In PVE double release operation is very simple, avatars in PVP more is to deal with remote attacks, and in you will be attacked to use again.

  That’s all the introduction about the avatars. More information, you can refer to bladesoulonline.net. Blade and Soul gold will share you all the news and strategy.

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