2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and Soul duel rules in March with rich game rewarding

03/20/2013 AM

  First official will initialize all records to duel in February, and adjust the basic score of the March duel to 1300 points. Although the player’s ranking will be preserved, but the total ranking system before has been deleted.

  The duel field located in the Yellow Mountain Octagonal Hall, individual and team in the outcome of the battle than in front of the screen will appear in the duel. Players need to complete 15 individual games and 10 team competition.

  Participants can get SteelSeries Chest and Glittering Hexangular Black Stone.

  The individual events rule is 1 to 1, in five minutes, when the game will automatically end after the death of one; the team competition rule is 3 to 3, in eight minutes, when the members after the death of one of the game will automatically end.

  1 - Individual battle

  2 - Select duel interface

  3 - Dialog box to wait for the start of the battle

  4 - Terminate the duel or leave the duel

  5 - Apply for the duel or cancel the duel

  6 - Duel performance interface

  7 - Duel quest interface

  Do you want to take a place in the March duel, take chance to buy some blade & soul gold for better equipments and just begin to fight. Blade & soul gold is sure that you dream will come true someday.

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