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Blade and Soul recent rank assassin and spirit swordsman still sharp

03/20/2013 PM

  End on 11 am at March 19, information of Blade and Soul joust field, first of all is the singles 1v1 battle top 20 rankings for details.

  Assassin ranking the first and second, the total number is seven, compared to last week, the number reduce 2, but still occupies half of the ranking list, heads-up still sharp.

  Spirit swordsman highest ranking is only the third this week, the total number is 5, compared to a decline in three with last week, but the proportion of the total number is still high.

  Assassin and spirit swordsman is still occupied most of the population, although there is no so much last week, but professional advantages can still very obvious.

  There are three summoners, the highest ranking 12th, is dominated in a single location.

  Boxer has 3 people, the highest ranking fifth, compared with last week, relatively speaking, it is normal, the king is slowly return.

  There are two force master, the highest ranking 11th, force master in single out still have an advantage, more blood and more control, just lack of combo attack and crit is not powerful.

  Kungfu master and swordsman still have nothing to do with top 20.

  In the PK field, both equipment and technology are now mature stage, the professional aspects of the weak exposed completely.

  It’s not to say that the swordsman and kungfu masters have no past master, only in some aspects of the weak is upstaged to other professions.

  Of course, PK is weak, but in PVE mode, swordsman and kungfu master are very strong, in contrast, other professional is somewhat commonplace in PVE.

  Maybe it’s still unbalance with the career, but through hard work and money on Blade and Soul gold, items and equipments, Blade and Soul gold is sure that not for long time, swordsman and kungfu master will have a place in the top 20.

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