2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and Soul 3v3 ranking list at March 19

03/20/2013 PM

  Team competition balance slightly, but basically is dominated by PK dominant career now.

  In the top 20, spirit swordsman is still the most sharp, ambition occupy the top four, also reached the total number of 9 people, nearly a half, and play games in 3v3 when encounter three swordsman combination spirit swordsman, believe that everyone is the presence of headache.

  Boxer in total three people, there is a boxer in team very by spectrum, of course 3 boxer combination is also very sharp.

  Summoners, total four people still is the existence of tiger balm, a team inside the dandelion and the growth of the crazy auxiliary effect is very good.

  Force master total 2 people, party a meat shield and the control, the team’s help is very big.

  Kungfu master only one on the list, when a team by kungfu master of thin skin tends to be the first goal, teams how to protect proponents make its output space is the key to winning.

  Assassin only one on the list, or is used to single out, have an assassin to harass the opponent team, of course, is also very good tactics.

  Swordsman remains otherwise hermit, 20 is not on the list.

  Every time, talk about the PVP mode, swordsman is at the bottom, why is wrong with this career, why not buy blade soul gold to take a progress. Otherwise, how to take a place in the top 20, even the top 50.

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