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Parsing the combat art in Blade and Soul

03/21/2013 AM

  Blade and Soul to break through the imagination of new ideas for the majority of players with a game feast.

  NCSOFT games for the first time the introduction of offensive and defensive game, actually push, intelligent lock, multi players converge attack such like new combat system, for players to say goodbye to no brian and experience the game intelligence.

  At the same time, Blade and Soul melt martial arts philosophy into the role, action design aesthetic, players in a fight at the same time also can experience another artistic breath.

  Blade and Soul unique creating transition strategy was first introduced an MMORPG, according to other reasonable forms change pushing is the key to win by wisdom.

  And intelligent QTE (Quick Time Event) flow design will traditional online game buttons formal simplicity, players can set them on their own, can adjust more skills, through intelligent push them to form a powerful joint system. Players to compete in Blade and Soul is no longer level items, not mindless drugs, but a new pole against the idea.

  Whether to playmonsters or PVP combat, in the process of fighting, players need to use the other style to carry on the reasonable dismantling, block, fight back, to get the final victory. So wise strategy game set, let sword fighting spirit present a think tank, the player later also can add some skill tree according to their own career development, to build their own fighting style.

  Blade and Soul by NCSOFT company has 5 years research and development, the international famous painter Jin Hengtai served as director of fine arts, makes every effort to play no matter from different angles can perfectly gorgeous visual performance. Every style, the characters have their own martial arts characteristic, but also break the traditional single boring career role play online games, makes the game more fun and challenges. In Blade and Soul, every recruit and every type have been crafted, players at the same time of fighting, more like in the movie art.

  Although Blade and Soul gold has not on market now, but once it comes out, I will buy some Blade and Soul gold immediately. So that I will not fall behind with others, and maybe I will take a place in the ranking list.

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