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Legendary experience hole bird nest group brush strategy

03/21/2013 PM

  Today bring you group brush the legendary experience of hole - the bird’s nest.

  If you are level 36 to brush:

  A, a strange experience is about 70-80.

  B, Paula 2 group drop.

  C, experience is about 1500-1700.

  D, take about 5-10 minutes.

  E, 2 hours from 37 to 38

  This is the entrance of the bird’s nest, position can keep an eye on the upper right corner of the small map for details. Next to that small eyes exchange of pure spirit weapons (inside a black bird boss will be out of the pure spirit, because version change, it will attack way change, here is not to put strategy).

  Here is the most save time of the first wave of hands. Run on the way before will meet three birds, flying can be avoided (because don’t want to use hidden interface picture to cut, so the screenshot on ignoring it all).

  With the method of the flying leap will all birds in this area are brought together. And then fire dragon ice dragon vacuum break these basic routines of off line (in the process of group of blame must keep moving, bird flying landing with a knockout, down enough) .

  Group of birds drop reward is very rich:

  Pieces of trigrams, trigrams, plus 1300 blood mercurochrome and some clutter. Trigrams card level 36 very trial, including the BOSS of pure spirit for weapons, to sell at the shop price is high.

  So the bird’s nest is a good place for brush money.

  Of course, if you don’t want to brush money yourself, you can directly buy some Blade soul gold from us, we will provide you the cheapest price.

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