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Joint and internal force under high latency issue

03/21/2013 PM

  1. Joint under the high latency issues: swordsman even hurt is very considerable. To crit, one set of the damage down to around 15000.

  Watching video, superior swordsmen are block against the BOSS, before it, and then floated directly, we delay at around 250 players is almost done, here are three ways to make the BOSS continue to weak remedy so as to achieve the purpose of float is empty.

  First, C points out the weakness of shoulder bump.

  Second, TAB points out the weakness of half moon cut.

  Third, in asura block point Z, let them weaker. Cut into heaven after F C or TAB or Z after a moment, make it floating empty, and then a set of sky.

  2. The problem of how to make use of the internal force under the high latency: the high latency is caused swordsmen flat cut, slowly, back to the inside is not stable, especially highlighted in asura 8-1. In this case, how to make use of the internal force is a problem.

  Here are three solutions.

  First, open the royal ended imperial sword can get 6 internal force moment.

  Second, selects the speed up pretty knife, 3 damage internal force is equivalent to 9-12 point of internal force of the thrust, is very considerable.

  Third, a back to internal weapon.

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