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Release content perspective of the storm sea snakes supply base

03/22/2013 AM

  Sea snakes supply base and the artillery had to believe that players left a deep image, both in scene design, the modelling of BOSS and copy play into the development team great efforts, is also one of Blade and Soul the most brilliant copy. Due to the difficulty of high barriers to entry and copy, however, not all the players are lucky to catch a glimpse of artillery.

  We want every player is able to experience such a good copy, and also want to keep it as the ultimate content of difficulty and challenge. So come out the new storm sea snakes supply base.

  Storm sea snake supply base is a disruptive design, with a copy of the traditional concept of difference is very big, I like to call it playground, the word is most appropriate and better understanding.

  Strictly speaking here prefer to a wilderness area rather than a copy (amusement park), it can accommodate 24 to 30 people at most, but not like a traditional large copy all form a team like that, you can team up with two or three friends experience, also can be a person in to play.

  Every BOSS is like entertainment facilities in the amusement park (perhaps artillery, jump off a building machine, violent fish king is a set of ring), you are free to choose which to play BOSS, don’t like traditional copy in sequence one by one in the strike, want to play you go line, moreover each BOSS in death will automatically refresh after a certain time, is like jumping off a building machine once every 15 minutes meeting.

  And like all the amusement park, reward is indispensable. As long as you spend some time a little, you can get decent returns here. Even when you are lazy to move don’t move, in the stands watching a war cannon of 20 players show is also a good enjoy.

  Overall, the whole experience storms sea snakes are biased towards the relaxed and casual, you can enter or leave a copy at any time, without too many restrictions, as long as enough number, kill BOSS hard commonly, also can through such copy to BOSS skills have a preliminary understanding, make foreshadowing for behind.

  New content is coming, so why don’t we buy some Blade soul gold in advance to prepare for it.

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