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Ten basic quality when play a game

03/22/2013 PM

  No matter what game do you play, you’d better follow the following ten basic

  1. If there are any green hand players, as his teammates should also patience guidance, can not angry!

  2. Blade and Soul depends more on the operation, when group not only depend on the stand or fall of equipment, without good operation it’s also useless.

  3. When in a team mentality should actively, many players may not have branches.

  4. Bring some new attempt to copy, they need a chance to grow.

  5. Don’t because of a mistake and use civilization language, is the right thing to you to discuss about the solution.

  6. Don’t force other players according to your own strategy to play, because your strategy may itself is wrong.

  7. Strategy methods must be simple. Even the converging attack skill is easy to say but hard to do.

  8. Don’t do things which is not allow to do. Because there must be a reason not to do.

  9. Please don’t rob items of other professions, this is the default rules. If there are special circumstances, must show in advance, to avoid misunderstanding.

  10. Even if the strategy fails, please be polite. Our opponent is the game, not people.

  When playing games, if you obey all the above rules, blade & soul gold sure that you will be popular within teams and it is really good for your playing.

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