2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

31 short knowledge may help you at the critical moment (2)

03/23/2013 PM

  16. The shock (swordsman, spirit swordsman) success, ignore their own block rate, all without damage.

  17. Swordsman lightning pestle can climb mountains, to go where others can’t reach.

  18. Most BOSS give oneself type of defense BUFF, kungfu master can ignore normal damage.

  19. The spirit swordsman Bludgeon released after ghost hand can be joint the imperial sword even cut.

  20. Minotaur labyrinth after hitting the wall, can be catch up for 3 times.

  21. The trumpet dnf can spend 10000 buy a dress, valentine’s day can get a gold coin in addition. 45 level the steepest weapon into diablo gold sharks can do from here. You can also buy more Blade and Soul gold to get one, we are glad to help you.

  22. All the assault on vocational skills immune linear AOE.

  23. Force master, spirit swordsman scraping the enemy after jumping from a maze of laser.

  24. Kungfu master refrigerator can give their detoxification.

  25. When in battle, kungfu master refrigerator can remove teammates combat status.

  26. Legend has it that weapons are not attack ten times is triggered, but their attacks have a chance to stack a BUFF lasts 30 SEC, stacking layers of awakening to 10.

  27. F3, F4, F5 became a blank, infinite run, please replace your agent.

  28. Aeolian 3 even a collision cannot finish Meg block, it would hit three times, ordinary block, passive block can let him for the first time, a collision is dizzy

  29. Same as above, also can control.

  30. Sharks can roar after a landing full-screen, immune from all skills.

  31. When delay infinite close to 0, swordsmen theory thrust speed reached 15 f (frame), speed theory, draw out a sword reached 20 f (frame), forensics 60 f for 1 second, lux snatch, perfect speed and timing of swordsmen can under 18, has not cramps, is twitching. (in theory, it needs to perfect FPS, coupled with the perfect support MS) (60 f play fighting games students should know why the concept of general human naked eye can keep up with the speed of responding and the limit of time for 15-20 f (60 f/s)).

  Above are all the 31 short knowledge, the top 15 you can refer to 31 short knowledge may help you at the critical moment (1), more information about buy blade soul gold, just a simple click on our website.

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