2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Outbreak flow rise and defense flow decrease this week

03/23/2013 PM

  Assassin is still strong this week and last week the decadence spirit swordsmen are also beginning to rebound, it is worth mentioning the boxer was bullish on the PK of the strong finally also landed on the stage, kungfu master and the summoner is still soy sauce, and because the recent jousting conference plugins, NC take a let alone attitude.

  First this week is still the same assassin last week;

  Second is the boxer for all critical strike weapon attack jewelry, trigrams hit of blood sharks of all, total hit 112%, seems to flow is a wave!

  Third kungfu master with tournament necklace and other jewelry, trigrams is 3 labyrinth five force and violence prevention and well versed in god;

  The fourth assassin attacks all jewelry take asura made full penetration;

  Fifth assassin defense jewelry all four asura and four maze and violence against the penetration.

  Look from the trend of outbreak of flow is becoming more and more defensive flow represents the spirit swordsman is not as strong as he used to be, boxer also became more powerful, era of outbreak flow is coming.

  Every time talk about the ranking list, Blade soul gold may have the feeling that if you want to take a place in the ranking list, buy some Blade soul gold to get the top weapon and the trigrams set or other items are quite necessary.

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