2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Summoner how to clear the artillery blue copy

03/24/2013 AM

  The first boss: use a small cat T blame has no than any other professional compare to your advantage, because the cat itself is not much output, ontology and can output the boss, can maximize output boss for team, especially for land clearing the equipment not neat, is a good choice, reduce the difficulty to pay attention to several problems, to pull the small monster, ontology as far as possible don’t dozen small monster, cat Q or the 3 seconds interval of time, small monster has hatred in cat, can proper use, pay attention to the health the cat, when mobs like the dandelion to block, don’t let the little monster into a crowd, should pay attention to when boss into the water to a teammate on pollen, charge small strange direction at the same time, prevent mobs into the water rushed to his teammates, on time with dandelions.

  The second boss: use cat Q small monsters, ontology standing 14 meters away output boss, boss double skills, don’t hit.

  The third boss: use cat Q boss, ontology is standing in the corner of the primary methods of output boss, only need to take good control of the cat, plus good blood, because fire, fire to the cat hurt is very big still, when poor control otto 4 seconds to boss, master T can output, a behind the boss once the cat died crying in a timely manner. The third boss is recognized fire blue the hardest boss, if there is a good cat, T of low pressure in half.

  The fourth boss: use a tiger cat Q, Q tiger attention to welt, grasp can put ice in big moments before X Allyn to steam vent, ice again big X part to the edge, can be less hurt by big fire time, q otto condition, of course, the cat's blood loss less; if not Q tiger, can let the cat away hatred, of course best to Q or will be taken away.

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