2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Strategy of the summoner to the shark port in Blade and Soul

03/24/2013 PM

  The first boss: boss flying after four word of mouth water to the middle gun away pollen, after the boss down to wash the poison, X Allyn cat at the same time, let the cat to wash poison, note that you will be hearing protection this buff, if not, full-screen roar to SS, the cat is not this buff, so be timely wash poison debuff X.

  The second boss: cats are generally not Q, summoner the role of ontology is to pull the ball, not redundant, it’s kind of practical learning.

  The third boss: can Q green wolf or red wolf, which depends on your teammates’ willing.

  The elites before the fourth boss, you should pay attention to the small monster drink the blood and bring bomb. Small monster you can take a dandelion 4-1 winding, repeated use, reduce the harm of output elite team.

  The fourth boss: cat Q small strange, small to stand to blame the other side of the corner X part first, then the TAB at small blame, then X Allyn, Q cat cat back to the corner, let small blame ran up and down the touchline, ontology output boss can, in the late fall ice, standing to the corner, a cat can Q, the ground has a circle of SS in a timely manner.

  With good operation and equipment which you can buy with Blade and Soul gold, summoner can also be quite powerful.

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