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Blade and Soul red violet cemetery elite monsters strategy

03/25/2013 AM

  Enter the red violet cemetery you will see the first elite monster, you’d better don’t look down upon elite monsters, for the first time into this copy, the elite monster also can hang you for several times

  In total there are five monsters at the door, only the one take the axe is the elite, and there are 4 boxer monsters, open as far as possible when you use a man to hold elites, other players speed kill the four boxer monsters.

  Note that the boxer monster is not good to kill, safety first, only kill 2 at the same time. when pull the elite players should pay attention to the skills (red-violet copy elite monster is equivalent to the small boss outside, so be careful not to underestimate it, otherwise you will hang up). Pay attention to this elite monster attack way:

  1. leg kick, block (no block is dizzy, this ability can’t kicked in, that is easy to die).

  2. arresting people (while playing halo or block is used.).

  3. axes light split (you can block, not blocking tons of damage)

  4. ground freezes (there will be a white ice on the ground, standing on the ice above will slow, and after 3 seconds will be standing in the above, a lot of damage and frozen), suggested players pay attention to this, don’t be ice, ice run away, or SS.

  Around to hit, after finished all the way clear little monsters, you reach the second small elite place.

  With small blame before get the bomb, fry the right two kungfu and the left two artillery (artillery fried died, about half blood kungfu) then a person go to elite, to small others. This elite attacks, 1 circle (block that can be transferred will be kick down) 2 or in circles (damage but not kicked attribute) 3 ground out of the fire, like ice, run away or SS).

  With this strategy and good equipment, you can clear the elites quite easy. So if you want to buy cheap Blade soul gold, a simple click on the link will help you.

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