2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Finishing boxes produce by the ice house copy

03/27/2013 PM

  Copy position: a copy of the hidden plains of the east sea fleet angle of attack group branch south dock.

  Entry conditions and restrictions: dive into the sea serpents supply base task, and can only enter once a day.

  Boss spawns: tsing lung ghost, ray general fin (hidden).

  Ice house with only one boss creeps tsing lung ghosts and hidden boss ray general fin.

  Unlike before 4 people, this need a copy of the 6 people group is allowed to enter, and the entry modes are different with in the past.

  Players need to use the ice in front of the library 6 person phoenix pillar, it is also directly contributing to copy only six teams can enter.

  Ice house overall structure is very short, and ordinary creeps few in number, enter after about 2 minutes can start and tsing lung ghosts fighting.

  About how to beat the two boss, Blade soul gold will keep update for you, if you are interested in this, you’d better keep focus on us. And more information about Blade soul gold, items and so on, we will share you later.

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