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Release content perspective of the joust field

03/28/2013 AM

  Exciting PVP is always excited, defense, joint attack, broken, charged with fighting and so on characteristics and strategy skills only in PVP can also be show incisively and vividly.

  In future versions we will join the new tournament games, with the existing outdoor PVP is different is that duration field more emphasis on the fairness and athletics, PK fun and challenge of personal power, of course, is also multiplied.

  Game rules

  Sword spirit duration field contains the 1v1 and 3v3 two modes, each corresponding to a rank score, in every tournament victory or failure will affect your rank score.Each competition both victory and defeat will get bean, according to the number of wins in a row, the current rank factors such as the quantity is different, while the bean can be used to convert a variety of rewards.

  Automatic matching cross-server

  Preparation is like a game, the system will automatically match strength according to the score rank for you closest rival. More importantly, the whole matching process is cross-server! You not only can fight against players all servers on the same platform, cross-server can make match the waiting time is shorter, more accurate matching, the game more fair.

  Enter condition

  We want players can enjoy the fun of PVP right from the start, you just need to reach level 4 can enter the duration field, and every battle can gain some experience, if you are a PVP fanatic and have enough perseverance, in the duration field leveling up is also ok.

  Balance mechanism

  May have different levels of players to match together, in order to ensure the fairness, the system will raise the basic attributes of both sides to the same level, but the equipment, skills, practice and so on will not be balanced.

  Do you want to take a place in the joust field, if so, you’d better buy some blade & soul gold to improve your equipments and trigrams, otherwise, you will be defeated by others.

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