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Ice house tsing lung ghost main skills and pattern information

03/28/2013 PM

  [tsing lung play] : use the left hand’s basic attack.

  [tsing lung strike] : use right hand to the front of the 180 degrees of attack, hit with repel effect.

  [crazy dance] : rotary body to around 360 degrees to three attacks, repelled by the last attack hit with effect.

  [inspire a blow] : around tsing lung ghost 360 degrees of ice attack, was hit in frozen state.

  [chain suck empty] (tentative) : tsing lung ghosts around there is no hatred value object, using the chain will pull over the enemy.

  [tsing lung combo] : to continuous chains pulling over the enemy attack.

  [vibration strike] : curly body after stretching and roaring.

  [snow mountain collapse] : to hit the attack after the jump to high altitude.

  [the earth axis up] : use the left foot strength stomped on the ground of AOE attacks of dizziness.

  [back] : boxing and back the same skills, can fight back positive attack.

  [crushed ice multiplier call] : after insert the ground with the right hand, call room outside of one of the four small machines. Summon the threat multiplier will follow moving objects. By throwing ice to freeze the player, touch small frozen after the multiplier will be contact.

  [flash] : when multiplier touch tsing lung ghost. Deals 6000 damage and a temporary loss of vision.

  [throwing ice] (tentative) : with the right hand scratching the ground, the fire ice into an object. In 18 seconds when they are ice frozen, and with a continued increase in 2 minutes buff effect of 50% through 1450, deadly. Additionally, frozen in 18 seconds will automatically lift, and roles.

  [cold hell] : fight tsing lung ghost in the room will be randomly generated ice, the ice will not after a certain time after the explosion and damage. When the tsing lung ghost of less than 1 million start mode.

  Above are the main skills and pattern information about the ice house tsing lung ghost, do you know how to beat the boss now? Buy blade soul gold to improve your equipments and take exercise to improve your operate skills.

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