2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Blade and Soul ice house tsing lung ghost basic attack mode

03/28/2013 PM

  [tsing lung play] - [dragon strike] - [tsing lung play] - [crazy dance] - [snow mountain collapse], just like the red dragon ghost.

  But the basic model will only be used at the beginning of the battle, when tsing lung down to a certain extent the life value of the ghost [crazy dance] after will use [throwing ice] then [snow mountain collapse] - [the earth axis up] against the order.

  [throwing ice] used after jumping attack [snow mountain collapse] is not to be defensive skills, and to cast a lot faster than expected. Players if near tsing lung ghost must be prepared to avoid or resist skill in advance. Besides tsing lung ghost will continue to call small multiplier in the battle, will first use AOE attack after multiplier call [stimulate blow], then use the ability to wipe/vibration strike.

  [vibration strike] also is not to be defensive skills, players need to use their resistance skills or communication at the same time use the converging technology to prevent early tsing lung ghost.

  In [small multiplier call] - [inspire a strike] will be used after the legendary skills/vibration strike a wipe. Pay attention to throwing ice which will cause seconds kill!

  With the basic attack, are you confident to defeat the boss, if still not, buy some Blade soul gold to get the powerful equipments.

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