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Kungfu master easily defeat asura town three phantasms

03/29/2013 AM

  Although kungfu master output is high, but it’s too brittle, touch a few will directly die, so still need pay attention pick and roll.

  Because we kungfu master is brittle, so must be used when a single copy of the maximum output of talent, so that it can reduce the time fighting, so that you truly protect yourselves, below is the talent.

  Here mainly talk about absorb this skill, which can crit.

  Attack, the higher the absorption is more, of course, if crita it absorb more, not to mention if there is a 200% critical wounded, at the same time also can recover 3 internal force value, it’s really kind of good skill.

  This skill is one of the main we single brush self-preservation skills.

  This CD is 30 seconds, have no matter to do not use this ability, itself by proponents of crit is high, we can casually use is to wash a lot of blood, but because the absorbed CD when we will be more damage, so still had a protective cover, a crit is back to full of blood.

  Another is ice, this ability can be additional damage to targets frostbite goals or frozen, equipment under the condition of not bad to have more than 2000 additional damage, but also can crit! So be sure to keep the BOSS with a chilling or freezing.

  Some players don’t know how to hide BOSS catch a person, actually very simple, as long as around the BOSS go in circles, or the player can also stand in the distance BOSS5 meters place to output, the BOSS ready to arrest people using Q or E to escape. BOSS at the time will take action to release skills, look clear on the BOSS action.

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