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Leveling strategy for novice in Blade and Soul

03/29/2013 PM

  In the early stage, leveling in Blade and Soul isn’t a matter, main line and branch line enough to keep a stable speed upgrade, you look at movies the same animation, followed the plot running east west, level is growing up in a rapid speed.

  The main story of Blade and Soul is very good, the sense is strong, so are the emotional elements, a lot of little brother that a throw passes on technique the chapter, then push my nose a sour, teary-eyed.

  Task into the middle of the tension began to experience, don’t forget to do daily tasks, waste is experience, not just every day must have daily map is relaxed to paint again, suggest it is best to brush at the time of people is more open, because you can easy to brush daily group, even a few map brush, efficiency is the highest.

  If a person has some everyday is you can’t do it at the corresponding level.

  Late, mainline branch all finished, but the distance around 45 level cap is still short of the level of experience, can only rely on everyday and brush was filled, but fortunately that time to start saving equipment, brush for a perfect weapon in this one, 20 times is common, so the experience is not so hard.

  In short, the Blade and Soul is not a kimchi game, upgrade is only secondary. In the early stage, if you want to be popular within the team, you’d better buy some Blade and Soul gold to improve your equipments and trigrams.

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