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Specificity and efficiency of shadow beheaded

03/31/2013 AM

  First of all, let’s look at “shadow beheaded” skills introduction.

  Shadow beheaded can cause about 2000 point basic damage and overlap a layer of poison. But will play according to the conditions of other effects, including triple casting skills and additional damage. Refers to the condition here include dizziness, rock fall, master, empty absorption, etc.

  In a single battle assassins can use “vertebral spines” and “blow” to let the enemy into a dizziness or shaky ground state to meet the condition, and the operations team force master use control or kungfu master use empty can meet the requirements of the specific conditions.

  Blade and Soul shadow beheaded of assassin is picking the enemy’s raw trueshot and overlapping toxin of skills. Meet the certain conditions shadow beheaded skills can be completed after three spells and additional damage. Base damage at 1900 points shadow beheaded(will be subject to damage of 300) may add about 7500 points damage, and comes with three layers shadow beheaded skills, special effects of the toxin overlap.

  The most important thing is that the skills of the internal force cost for only 1 point.This can let the assassin in even the absence of internal force, attack can be released after a skill. And with a cast time wear heart skills, instant shadow beheaded skill with the force master control for more efficient coordination with the hefty damage to an enemy.

  As we all know, if we want set out the full power of a skill, we should cooperate with the suitable equipment and trigrams set, if you want to buy these items but lack of Blade soul gold, never mind, we will provide you the cheapest Blade soul gold.

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