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Blade and Soul single brush spider hole strategy

03/31/2013 PM

  First of all, you need to prepare a pentagonal slot weapon, one purple critical strike back to 220, and 1 red dizzy, these two stones are must.

  If you do not have the items, you can directly buy from bladesoulonline.net, or you can buy some blade & soul gold to buy the items you need yourself.

  Trigrams suggest to use zombie spirits, weapons and all souls can be another.

  Then ayay from copy, dragon and phoenix soup, repair hammer (weapons is easy to break, generally 3 ~ 4 times requires you to fix at the dragon pillar for once. Of course you also need a group monster talent.

  The spider position in the upper left corner of ghost. After into the figure in this position full strength.By direction sprint to the next point figure jump the green dot position, pay attention to don’t bitten by spiders. Then jump to the red dot position spare back.

  15000 physical value should be the right, midway don’t bitten by spiders. One thousand was bitten to beat you, if there will be A lot of spiders pay attention to the group control, and then began A strange ahead of time, or be touched bottom at A few of the blood. Then back while playing, because I am a boxer, the relationship between control skills coupled with infinite critical punch, so basic won’t drop of blood. Other professions can smite weapons with h. and evasion of h., take medicine basically useless. Basic heal of 220 is very safe. So you don’t need to spend money for someone to take, also need not bear brush skeleton by which fat BOSS abuse.

  When I brush eat 50% of dragon and phoenix soup 1 wave down experience at around 5400. An average of 2 minutes at a time. An hour and estimated around 150000 experience.

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