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Modify like this will make Blade and Soul more playable

04/01/2013 AM

  1. Add a special item bar in the warehouse, other roles in your accounts can also get these items in it.

  2. When the weapon damage to the extreme, weapon disappear automatically, let those who don’t know how to cherish weapons go to cry themselves.

  3. Add some special maps for players PK field, like the little pit in asura tower, the scenery is beautiful, there are mountains and water, there is beauty, playing field may feeling well.

  4. Increase some rainy weather in the maps, occasionally play thunder and flash, in the rain fight with a friends series 300 round.

  5. After the war, meditation can increase the speed of heal, does not require much, five hundred per second is enough, for I like players PK, this medicine is really running out too fast.

  6. Add a copy of underwater, try underwater beat boss, this possibility seems not very high.

  7. Muddy and wulin, out of a belong to his skills, provide learning for the disciples, this everybody’s opinion, the more skills, the better.

  Above are my suggestion for Blade and Soul, though the game has no come out yet, but we all look forward to it, and I will buy some Blade soul gold in advance, so that I won’t fall behind other players.

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