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Blade and Soul attaches great importance to combat experience

04/01/2013 PM

  Blade and Soul unique fighting system due to its breakthrough in traditional target and commitment to combat experience.

  Most MMORPG is subject to the shackles of traditional thinking and blindly fighting continued the past successful design, provide gaming experience more monotonous. At the same time, traditional developers often disdainful of the graphics, sound effects, ignoring the core experience, developed a slick games.

  Many of the Blade and Soul action system, production difficulty is equivalent to the common game of the whole system, at the same time, maximizing the innovative thinking and imagination, launched the height, depth and breadth of game action.

  Blade and Soul QTE and automatically lock, increase the operating system to a intelligent level, while defense and converging to join had fun, fighting games are no longer dull. The battle to art realm will become a new fashion online games.

  Are you looking forward to Blade and Soul, do you want to have a try immediately. At the early stage of the game, most players will in need of Blade soul gold, if you do not want to fall too far behind others, you’d better buy some Blade soul gold first.

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