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Black and white angel fashion is coming off the shelves

04/02/2013 AM

  Everyone should know that on March 14, Blade and Soul fashion mall appeared the valentine’s day fashion, also is know as black and white lingerie set. Although the two fashion is only to buy in the mall, but it can be traded, it means that it can be put in the auction house buying and selling.

  On April 3, the fashion will be pulled from the shelves, the player will not be able to buy again. After all this is a limited edition fashion.

  But players should pay attention to this, if this fashion can’t buy at the mall, the price will be turned on several times! So what is the meaning of this, you should understand, right?

  If you really like this fashion, or if you are a fashion collector, hurry to buy some Blade soul gold for it. Otherwise, it will spend you times of gold can afford.

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