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Towards the road of the legend weapon in Blade and Soul (1)

04/02/2013 PM

  1. Access the beginning of the legend of weapons task, accept the task to find the fog forest after two apparatus lay (the old man teach you fly over), after completing a conversation to find Yang tree hidden hero brands exchange member of the village, and then take 100 hidden hero brands + 100 hidden hero brands in exchange for multi-function son hand, to go back to the fog forest to lay two apparatus lay.

  To obtain the hidden hero brand there are many ways that personal advice, first of all, the hidden plain daily tasks are done, then go to Yang city family base or water frog palace blame brush hidden little hero card, go to east TianMeng brush base have hidden the hero brands (by the way, have to imperial army uniforms

  2. Delivered to the asura towers of the gods, looking for Jackson.

  3. Delivered to the desert Confucian village,find Gong tu.

  4. Delivered to the sword spirit five-color rock island, find Gaotang.

  5. Heat transferred to the new moon lake sand belt, south should find home, and gave him 5000 gold.

  6. Take the thing that should give you your home south, to find the fog forest two householder, after holding a 400 + TianMeng seal and 400 imperial forces to find hong smoke sea fog forest monitoring tower, in wonderful unlock operator, finally to lay two instrument.

  Brush TianMeng seal method: in empire uniforms, whatsoever, to TianMeng base dozen police day can appear a dozen cheng river, finally beat him will drop TianMeng seal.

  Brush method with the seal of the imperial army: TianMeng clothing (can use 50 TianMeng seals at hong smoke wave change), to TianMeng stronghold of the touchpad imperial army tents, a dozen imperial army dragon balls will appear, finally beat his empire will fall army seal.

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