2012 year of the Dragon countdown:

Towards the road of the legend weapon in Blade and Soul (2)

04/02/2013 PM

  7. The wonderful unlock operator after two apparatus lay people to the sword spirit, holding spirit stone 800 + 3000 gold to half moon lake frog clan buy black dragon fire arms merchant to the ruins, again to two meter householder, he will give you an incomplete weapons.

  8. Transferred to Yang tree village, with 1000 gold + three Naipaul coins or 1000 gold + 120 Naipaul leave the silver for the gold exchange member in black dragon heavy water, again to two meter, will give you a light weapons.

  9. Delivered to the Yang tree village, carrying 1000 gold + one piece marks 30 or 40 1000 gold + pirates loot at pirates loot exchange member in very fine abrasive, again to two meter, will give you a grinding of weapons

  10. Delivered to the fog forest camp each command, with 2000 gold seal 600 or 600 + fog forest power gold seal 48 + fog forest superior forces in each of the forces in ingenious small gossip exchange merchant card, will give you a more complete legendary weapon.

  11. The last step to spiral labyrinth, about 5 minute 30 seconds. Beat maze Aeolus & Thor, iron will be endless, finally, the relatively complete legendary weapon to him, a legendary weapon is to your hand.

  In fact it’s not that hard to get the weapon, but it really cost certain account blade & soul gold. If you are lack of blade & soul gold, you can refer to the gold page.

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