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Blade and Soul new update white blue mountains is coming soon

04/07/2013 AM

  Recentely, Youran, a NPC shows up at the entrance into the new map - White Blue Mountains. From the conversion with her, players can know something about the new area. This would be the second massive update to Korea server.

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  According to official news, NCSOFT launches the new map white blue mountains in this patch and they increase the level cap from level 45 to level 49. The storyline of the game will get enhanced after the release of the new map. Meanwhile, new characters will be added in the game: field bosses Hei Wusheng and Bai Miaozheng. The new map - White Blue Mountains has 4 senior dungeons–The Wild Retreat, Peach Blossom Island, South King Site and Green Village and 2 heroic dungeons.

  Let’s see some concept arts of the new area.

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