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Release content perspective of the asura tower

04/07/2013 PM

  Single brush copy and singled out the BOSS has always been players’ relish topic, alone will pick over huge monsters and step on the foot intriguing, strong sense of accomplishment, and attracts the players continuously to challenge the limit.

  Ausra tower is exactly this kind of fun to carry forward a copy of the designed for single challenge and improvement of the rules and play, also more challenging.

  Asura townrules

  After you finish all quests you can enter into the asura tower, after that is the lowest level 43 can start your journey of challenge, but the white clouds Jackson advise you had better not to do so.

  Asura tower a total of 7 layers, once you defeat the boss, you will enter the next layer, but if you quit, you have to restart from the first layer.

  Each level has certain rules and forms, the difficulty will gradually increase.

  When fighting in the asura town, you can use the conventional consumables and gain food, also has its special consumables of the asura tower. If you hang up, so congratulations you, you can directly get resurrect at the gate of this layer.

  Overall, asura tower will test your understanding and operational skills of this professional, want to customs clearance, is not easier than beat artillery .

  But here is rewarding, and defeat the guarding the seventh layer of man: Zheng Zhongsheng, you will be likely to get his signature hats, with this hat will be enough to prove that your technology and strength.

  Do you want to challenge asura town? If the answer is yes. You’d better buy some blade & soul gold to improve your weapons and take exercise to improve your operation.

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