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Kungfu master skills assessment of the frozen light wave

04/07/2013 PM

  Frozen light wave is a very powerful ice skills, as long as it is freeze monsters, they are completely unable to move, perfectly still.

  No need to think of other freeze effect, right 3 click, cold after reinforcement, the ice storm, the only restrictions on the movement, does not restrict movement, and often appear cold, frozen still running.

  Frozen light wave just belong to the prison of ice, once frozen, can only slowly, etc by proponents, and come down from heaven. CD time is 45 seconds.

  Frozen light wave effect is very gorgeous. Jump high to the sky to give injection cold. Landing is also very gorgeous. For 8 seconds in total injection, keep freezing.

  This is also a stand skills, remote monster throwing things come only stiff resistance. 8 seconds after the time came, kungfu master will jump down from the sky, but before the ground freezing to a monster, very dangerous at this moment. But frozen appreciate light as long as the mobile is in the process of release of 8 seconds will drop soon. Such manual landing allows players to be born ahead of time, and a frozen after the players down monsters for 1 seconds or so, so recommended in the manual, and come down when I was six or seven seconds.

  Frozen ice monster into the prison will be like ice sculptures. Freeze the monsters will be immune to all attacks, once frozen.

  So you should pay attention to this, can’t bother your teammate. Frozen photosensitive wire radius of 5 m, 10 m diameter, range is very big still. Not all monsters can be frozen, most of the BOSS is not frozen.

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