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Introduction to spiral labyrinth trigrams brand PVE reasonable collocation

04/08/2013 AM

  Spiral labyrinth has been out already for a period of time, after several times of adjustments, now it have no difficulty at all, presumably most of players can take a clearance.

  Now let’s talk about the trigrams, labyrinth trigrams is the only only a three-piece properties trigrams set currently, it means that there is no need to set of complete sets of spiral labyrinth. So in the current brand, asura tower brand is the most suitable for collocation of the labyrinth trigrams.

  Asura tower before the seven layer are all endless brand NO.3 (144 main attributes, deputy attribute 75 crit), NO.5 (199 main attributes, deputy attribute hit 84), NO.7 (214 main attributes, deputy attribute recommend accuracy), and the asura tower 8 layers BOSS drop out of NO. 2 brand (main attribute 182 crit, deputy attribute recommend accuracy or block) that match the labyrinth NO.1 (main attribute hit 220, deputy attribute 94 crit), NO.4 (main defense more than 250, deputy attribute 107 crit), NO.6 (main attribute 2800 + blood, deputy attribute 121 crit) and NO.8 (main attribute 303 crit, deputy attribute 1300 life).

  To the above trigrams, if you are lack of, you can buy from the item page, however, you can also buy blade soul gold for it at the auction house. Anyway, we all have the cheapest price.

  Anyway, such a brand down PVE output will have a lot of ascension, and measurements of HP is a good thing.

  I play the swordsman, theoretically is the best breakthrough 608, hit 637, crit, 2664, 18316 life, defense in 600, block 472, shy away from zero. Avoid this property, anyway I feel not helpful.

  The above trigrams apply only to PVE, remember. PVP to brush a asura tower of 8 layers of the asura brand, very good PK suits.

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