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Depth analysis of Blade and Soul hardware configuration requirements

04/08/2013 PM

  There has been rumor configuration that Blade and Soul hardware configuration requirements is quite high, then players do many detailed report to Blade and Soul various configurations of hardware requirements, let’s have a look at it.

  According to the result, recommend the corresponding configuration. Believe that players who want to play Blade and Soul are initially attracted to these elements - the combat experience of the beautiful painting style and fluent, these all need hardware to support.

  You can see from the CPU requirements before the test, Blade and Soul on multicore optimization is obvious, but the four Core processor is cheap, so select entry-level four Core processors or directly in the configuration of dual-core four threads of the third generation of the Core i3.

  According to the above test results, want to get the full HD quality experience of more than 60 frames, GTX560SE/HD7850 better with more graphics cards.

  Although looks like NVIDIA graphics card will be higher than AMD graphics performance, but perfect along with the driver, this situation will change.

  In fact, we do not need too high hardware configuration requirements, we not save the money for more Blade soul gold, to improve your equipments and trigrams.

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